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Art Deco Green Aventurine Pendant

Art Deco Green Aventurine Pendant

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This green aventurine cabochon pendant is a stunning piece of jewellery that combines inspiration from different cultures and eras. The dark green colour of the stone is rich and vibrant.

What sets this pendant apart is the interesting feature bail and arabesque tile texture on the back. The bail is unique and eye-catching, drawing attention to the pendant and adding a touch of art deco style. The arabesque tile texture on the back is reminiscent of patterns found in Moroccan architecture and reinforces the global inspiration of the piece.

Hung on an 18" sterling silver curb chain, this pendant is a versatile piece that can be worn with both casual and formal attire. It's perfect for those who appreciate unique and unusual jewellery and want to make a fashion statement.

* Please be aware that colours may have a slight variation to that on screen

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